1st National Shipyard Convention 2016

JEFRA Marketing Corporation together with Marick Corporation, Scan Marine, and the Power Systems Inc. all under F. Tan’s group of companies were honored to take part on the very first National Shipyard Convention in the Philippines held on September 15 – 16, 2016 at Cebu City Sports Club, Ayala Business Park, Cebu City. This convention was participated by all MARINA-registered Ship Building & Ship Repair (SBSR) establishments and represented by a total of 117 shipyards nationwide.
Shipyard Association of the Philippines (SHAP) aims to provide shipyards an official mechanism for interfacing with concerned government agencies such as MARINA, Phil. Coastguard, Phil. Navy, Phil. Ports Authority, DENR, DTI, local government units and the Congress and support programs for needed legislations, policy and regulations.
It also showcased the state of the art advancements in the shipbuilding and maritime industry and ways to improve the present shipbuilding technology and equipment to contribute in upholding the Philippines’ current standing as the 4th largest shipbuilding industry in the world. Highlight of the event is to encourage MARINA to coordinate with the Government to prevent ship owners from buying vessels from foreign countries like China but instead to support Philippine ship builders.

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