Marine Gear for High-Speed Engine

Nico Marine Transmission

A series of MGN of parallel shaft contains 53 models and can apply for high speed engine ranging from 20kW to 5280kW. A series of MGNV with conical gear (conical involute gear) incorporated and an angle of 10 degrees for input and output shaft contains 14 models from MGNV123 to MGNV493AC and can apply for high speed engine ranging from 190kW to 2800kW.


  • Rational arrangement for a gear of high hardness, a hydraulic clutch and various accessory apparatus is made, and in addition the structure of minimized exterior piping leads to small-sized and lighter weight.
  • Far lower revolution than that of propeller equivalent to the lowest revolution speed of the engine can be obtained stably for long hours by means of installation of optional electronic controller or X-controller.
  • Due to wide selection of capacity range and abundant choice of standard gear ratio, the best selection can be done based on usage of ship, ship’s form and arrangement of the engine.

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