Marine Gear for Low-Speed Engine

Nico Marine Transmission

Conventional low speed engine has transmitted the engine’s revolution speed as it is to the propeller through change-over of forward/reverse revolution by means of self reversing system, controllable pitch propeller system and MN type marine reversing gear of our Hitachi NICO make.

The series of marine gear shall be of fuel consumption saving and more efficient type of propulsion method which transmits low speed engine’s revolution reduced further to the propeller through gear mechanism and engages forward/reverse or on/off by means of a hydraulic clutch.

The series has standard type (MGN and MGR), Omega clutch type with shaft generator installed (MGNPY and MGRPY) and another group of model which enables very slow speed operation through electronic controller. The best suitable model can be selected according to the capacity of main engine and the kind of propeller.


  • If the marine gear is used in combination with a propeller of large diameter, propulsion efficiency shall be increased and fuel consumption decreased and saved.
  • Applicable for both CPP and FPP systems.
  • Adoption of marine gear combined with shaft generator shall lead to the space-saving.


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