MN Type Marine Gear

Nico Marine Transmission

The MN type marine reversing gear is made of a wet type multi-disc hydraulic clutch for change-over of forward/reverse revolution combined with a reversing gear (bevel gear) so as to operate neutral, ahead and astern.

The series consists of 9 models from MN630 to MN1630, which shall apply for low speed engine of up to 3310kW at maximum.

Owing to adoption of reversing mechanism to reverse the revolution through a bevel gear, the structure is simple and plain, and of easy maintenance, inspection and handling, and suitable for various fishing boats, carriers, and inland tankers with fixed pitch propeller installed.


  • Compact design of light weight with overall length shortened owing to adoption of unique reversing mechanism.
  • Installation of a thrust bearing of the propeller in addition will not be required, as a thrust bearing of Michel type is built in the reversing gear.
  • Change-over of ahead/astern can be remote-controlled easily in the bridge through adoption of pneumatic valve and solenoid one.
  • Installation of optional electronic controller enables slow speed operation.


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