Sea Expo 2013

For the fourth time in its successive year, Jefra once again joined one of the biggest and well expected events in the marine & nautical industry, the SEA EXPO. A 3-day (March 15 – 17, 2013) boat show & nautical lifestyle event which celebrates one of the Philippines’ most valuable resources – the ocean.
It is a gathering of exhibitors that showcase various products associated with the marine industry with varieties from innovative, top-of-the-line machineries used for the operation of heavy equipped water vessels to simple gadgets, accessories or apparels for the business minded and beach enthusiast alike.
As part of the marine industry, such event is one of the kind that we don’t miss. It is an opportunity for us to showcase our own product – a way to advertise our brand. The majority of the exhibitors who participates in the event were yacht builders, representatives of exclusive resorts, shipping companies, ship builders and consultants. This is the perfect event to introduce and show the competitiveness of our own brand when it comes to marine gears.
In this same year, Jefra will be celebrating its 25 years in the business, reason why the management expounded us the importance of event protocols – preparation, expenses and most of all better OUTPUT. With this set up mode, everyone gave their effort to make it be the best from all the years that we joined SEA EXPO. Starting with detailed and creative setting of booth, well-meaning 25th year tag line up to well-modulated representation of our products to our roaming visitors by our Sales Team, this is how we made it to tell that so far this is the best sea expo up to date.
Every day the event brings out different surprises, most of our guests took interest in our product display – the exploded view of an actual marine gear, complete with accessories. Even the Big Boss FLT gave compliments. Well, that’s how exactly we want to be remembered by the guests.
Also one of the highlights of the event is the launching of new product of our affiliated company Scan Marine, Inc., the “Ironman Gesture” Hydro Jet Flyboard that catches the attention of the crowd. Live bands, DJs and cocktails are also present the entire event that smooth the mood of both exhibitors and guests.
Truly Sea-Ex is one of the significant gatherings of watersport &watercraft enthusiast and nautical enterprise. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger, “old-time” exhibitors made drastic advertising methods and with additions of new exhibitors. One can really say that more people are taking interest in the Philippine marine industry. And for us who lives in a field of competition, it’s just another challenging year of providing customer satisfaction.

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